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Live To Die

First release:

Ramshackle World


Second release:



Third release:

Ezposure (The Acoustic Performancez)


Live To Die


words and music written by Ez Jon Erikson copyright control


Question , when how and why evolution
Answer, no answer no solution
Creation life's duration, trepidation frustration 
Consolation ejaculation
Question, life's termination cremation
No answer, question resurrection
Enduration life's elevation, realisation taxation
Compensation emigration
A battle to keep up with the cost of living
Hatred deceiving sinning
Income cut, interest rate up again
No low prices, no half prices, life a gamble a game
Play to win no turning back, everyone's fate the same
Oh, oh we live to die
Oh, oh we live to die
Question, future computerisation
Answer, is this the answer, robotisation
Birth control with technology, check gene compatability
Choose and download personality, digitally gain immortality
Oh, oh we live to die
Oh, oh we live to die
Oh, oh we live to die
Oh, oh we live to die




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