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Wanted - Memorabilia:

To assist with the archiving, please send us any old photos, videos, bootleg recordings, newspaper articles, etc from Diversion Ends' early days.
We will return them.




A Walk On The Beach


Another Empty Glass

Be My Lady

Bitter Sweet


Cutting Down Trees

Crime Of The Heart

Didn’t Do So Bad Without You

Doesn’t Matter Much To Me

Don’t Go Dancin’ Alone

Future With Me

General’s War

Gold Digger

Hard Hearted Woman

High Wire

I Refuse

I Wanna See You Tonight

If I Was To Start

If You Wanna Leave Me Now

I’m On Fire

Just Two Hearts


Love Like A Silhouette




Love Was In Your Eyes

Loved Then Ran

Love’s A Funny Game

Message To You

My Everything

New York Nights

No More A Fool

Only My Heart

Right Thing

She Wants To Know About Me

Shot Down In The Dark

Silent Night

Stay With Me Tonight

Stronger The Heart


Take My Hand

The Hardest Part

The Same Mistake

The Story

Thin Line

Time Out

Took Words Outta My Mouth

Want To Be The One

What The Hell’s Got Into You

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