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Detours Music is an independent record label that manages its own online music store with collectors' memorabilia, and also continues to manage some website construction, recordings, video editing, and small concert promotion.

A small business based in the beautiful countryside of Saddleworth, near Manchester, England, Detours Music was founded in 2004 by Eric Johnson (also known as Ez Jon Erikson of the acoustic rock pop group Detours) and has since constructed websites for rock bands, brass bands, doctors, property owners, training consultants, military dress, farms, caravan sites, temperature sensor manufacturers, pharmacists and children's education. Detours Music have also overseen the recording, editing, mixing, mastering, reproduction and artwork of CDs for other rock artists and brass bands, and successfully arranged and promoted several small theatre music concerts, including rising singer songwriter Kristyna Myles' first ever two solo headline shows.



                         Detours Music
                         web:      detoursmusic.co.uk
                         e mail:   detoursmusic@detours.info
                         tel:         01457 830303
                         mobile:  07932 477 049
Registered address:
Detours Music, 7 Chew Brook Drive, Greenfield, Saddleworth. OL3 7PD












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