"The nicest hard working musicians ever!"
- Kristyna Myles, singer songwriter, Decca Records
"Sam Johnson, Ez Jon Erikson and Julian Flindle have a passion for music. The band has a distinctive sound with melodic songs of vocal depth and intensity"
- Oldham Evening Chronicle
"Your music is wonderful! I am sure that I will be hearing great things about you soon..."
- Marce, singer songwriter, Florida USA
Three Time Winner Song Of The Year supporting VH-1’s Save The Music
"As a unit they capture a truly remarkable, distinctive sound, skeletal yet full, raw yet polished, with an urgency and immediacy. Their original songs are overflowing with melody and lyrical and vocal depth of feeling; passionate, powerful, inspiring, emotive and above all, heartfelt."
- Saddleworth Festival Of The Arts
"Detours' sound is totally refreshing in these days of the synthetic, packaged pop acts."
- Around Saddleworth Magazine
"The band has a distinctive, highly melodic sound...their songs major in melody and depth of feeling" 
- Oldham Evening Chronicle
"Detours fall into that happy class of musicians who take their music seriously - but not themselves. This makes for all their events being great entertainment value."
- Saddleworth Monthly
"Ez and Sam are two of the world's genuinely decent fellers and there are not too many you can say that about"
- David Cross, Oneday Media
"Bandana Man is a class act"
- Oldham Evening Chronicle
"The December concert at The Players' Theatre was certainly a fun event to be at. Sam and Ez's chat between songs and the good natured heckling from the audience made it feel like a big party. Sam has a very strong voice and is also a pretty mean brass player....at his 'Silent Night' the whole audience hushed as the notes brought an evocation of a thousand timeless Christmases."
- Saddleworth Monthly
"I really like the sound of your material and voice."
- Anthony Shiels, Mesh-29
"We really enjoy your music. 'For Your Love' is a GREAT song."
- Erinn Athey, Director Of Operations, 272 Records, Hollywood
"Your dog barking song has some Tommy Allsup swing type playing on it for sure.......sounds great!"
- Kevin Montgomery, singer songwriter, Nashville

"I love your song 'Mirage'. Ez, you have an amazing voice that can tell a thousand stories. I really do think that your music is great and I think your voice is fantastic, very clear and portrays emotions very well."
- Suzanne Carlsson, singer songwriter, Göteborg, Sweden
"I listened to your tracks, and I got shivers, seriously, the hair stood up on my arms, especially on the first track. Combination of the feel of the song...and the vocals. The vocals are beautiful. You guys are a great band. Do you tour a lot? Have you been outside of England to tour? Canada would love your sound."
– Carla Fazio, singer songwriter, Canada
"Ez Jon Erikson, what a crackin singer-songwriter you are!"
- Scott Ashley, singer songwriter, UK
"I really like the feel of 'Behind Closed Doors'..."
– Daisy Hicks, singer songwriter, Australia
"Just my kind of music! 'For Your Love' is a beautiful song."
– Phil Rothwell, singer songwriter, UK
"Your music sounds great!"
– The Millions, Lincoln, Nebraska
"Really enjoyed your songs, guys...catchy melodies, and sweet vocals!"
– Annalisa, singer songwriter, UK
"Very cool music!"
– Alyssa Simmons, singer songwriter/entertainer, USA
"That’s some beautiful playing."
- Ann-Marita, Melbourne, Australia
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